Saturday, June 20, 2009

My New Pet...BATIK

Today, I've adopted a new pet.
It's a 'Reticulated Python'.
Since it's so hard to remember it's scientific name,
I just call it 'BATIK' coz it looks like a batik design. :D

So many incidents happened this afternoon.
I fell in love with 'Batik'.
It is so tame & innocent.
My friends say that I'm crazy...that snakes are dangerous & deadly.
I believe that if you love it (the snake), it won't harm you.

Now, next step is to buy a medium size aquarium for my 'Batik'.
I wonder if Joe approve me keeping 'Batik' at home...Hm....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Unpaid Leaves

Yesterday was the first day of my unpaid leaves.
It was only a day & I'm missing my job at the conty studio!
Life is so empty without MUSIC!
I tried to write a new song today but I went blank all of a sudden!
Guess that I really miss my JOB.
3 months is such a long time...
I don't wanna take my working time to do my personal stuff...
That's why I give myself 3 months to settle everything...
Packing, moving, smoking shesha, traveling & resting! :D
I wonder...what's gonna happen to me during that 3 months leaves?
Most probably I'll go traveling with my 'Joe', my family & friends.
Destination? Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Australia & Brunei! :D

Monday, June 1, 2009

Last Day at Sabah V fm Office

It's kinda late to post this up but it's better now than never! :) My last day at Sabah V fm office was on 26th May 2009 (Tuesday). It's so hard to say goodbye to my friends & colleagues here. At last! I managed to make a decision!
I've decided to move forward & leave the people I family members, friends, pets & futsal & other activities. I missed playing futsal! I can't wait to be back to the futsal arena!
There was nothing special on my last day at RTM Kota Kinabalu...except that I've received few bouquets of roses & flowers. Thank you so much for the flowers & for supporting me since I first joined Sabah V fm in 2005.
* Here's a secret to share...There was supposed to be a farewell party for me but I've rejected the invitation...Reason : I will surely CRY and CRY till I get sick! I love everyone at RTM Kota Kinabalu! Even the 1 person who likes to find troubles with me. I've forgiven that person. I hope that she will change and STOP being jealous at people who have talents in the broadcasting line. Give chance to others to show their skills!
I shall post more...keep in touch!