Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sungkai at Abby's

1st time sungkai at adopted sister's hse in Padang Matsirat
It was great! Love eating those local dishes!
It's game time...let's play poker!
Selina gets to relax...Joe is cooking!

Mushroom and carrot soup... Ikan panggang using the original 'oven'!
Black squids & Sambal
Chicken Curry & Boiled Eggplants

Fried Bayam with Anchovies & Onde-Onde
Kerabu Perut Lembu & Chicken Curry
Cucur Udang & Chocolate Cake

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Berbuka Puasa at WONDERLAND Langkawi

2nd day of fasting.

Tonight is so special...My hubby suprises me!

We had our breaking of fast at WONDERLAND Langkawi.
We had these food!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kenduri Puasa (Langkawi Island)

Joe & I had the chance to attend a 'Majlis Kenduri Puasa' at our
adopted father's house in Padang Mat Sirat.
Joe cooked delicious Malay food & I'm so happy that
all the guests were happy with his cooking!
Proud to have him as my husband & life partner! :)
Joe & I spent a night in Padang Mat Sirat,
OMG! We can't sleep!
It was a hot!
Even at night!
Maybe coz we're on Langkawi Island.
Ceiling fan was to the max!
This house needs an air conditioner!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

1st Day at Langkawi fm...

Today is the 1st day at work.
Had breakfast with Kak Leha (KBR), Kak Lynn Anim, Kak Wan,
Fazirah, Che Nani, Ling & other colleagues.
Meeting new colleagues (Admin, Account & Engineering departments).
Learning on how to do studio bookings,
use Netia system, daily programs on
Zodiac 12-3 & Zodiac 3-6
Double-banking with Lisham @ D'Cancerian on Zodiac 12-3.
Finally, I get to meet Lisham in person.
Did a program with him 2 years back. :D
I'm beginning to like Langkawi fm!
People are friendly & helpful here.
More to come!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Watched 3 Great Movies in a Day.

It's Friday.
Planned to go out & have Big Apple Donuts but it's raining outside.
Decided to watch a movie on DVD.
1st movie - 'Bedtime Stories'.
I love Adam Sandler!
Love it!
I want more!
2nd movie - 'Superhero Stories'.
Supposed to be an sction movie but more to a comedy movie.
3rd movie - 'Silent Hill'.
I can't believe that I actually am afraid of watching this thriller/ horror movie!
I'm alone!
It's only 1623 hours!
Gosh Selina!!!
Called my hubby 5 times during that movie 'Silent Hill'!
Joe laughed at me for being a scaddy cat...
I salute the actors/ actresses/ film director & crew members of this movie!
You guys got me!!! :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reunion with Leng Leng & Family

Month of August is full with my sister, relatives & friends' birthdays!
They're so lucky coz '8' is a lucky number.
Not for all, but certainly for me! :P
Sad that I can't celebrate my sister Massy's birthday
but today is a reunion for me & my childhood friend Leng Leng.
I miss her so much coz we grew up together!
She was my neighbour & we had great memories when we were little girls! :)

Two years has passed & Leng Leng hasn't change a bit
Same hair style & still look pretty as before!
She has a lovely family too!

* Leng, if you're reading this...pls don't forget to send me a postcard from UK. Miss you girl!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hello AUGUST! :)

Entering the 3rd month of my unpaid leaves...
How time flies!
Sometimes, I feel like time is chasing me but on second thought,
why should I rush things when I can complete my task accordingly.
Main point : Set a time frame & be done with the task!
Few of my friends asked me, "How does it feel not working for 3 months?"
My answer, "Think carefully before making a decision."
I don't depend entirely on my month end salary.
I've savings!!! :D
Anyway, I hope that I'll get the confirmation on
my transfer soonest as I don't have any idea on what to do
after my unpaid leaves are done. :)
I like to take risks but I'm not always lucky! :D