Thursday, May 28, 2009

Counting down the Big Day!

How time flies...It has been 10 years of our relationship & finally the time has come for me to be Mrs Joe Sommer! I'm so excited & I can't wait to start a family with Joe!
This is how it started :
Joe : "Sweetheart, would you be there for me when I'm in
sad moment & in troubles?"
Selina : "Of course my love!You're my soulmate...remember?"
Joe : "Let's end this misery & be my wife!"
Selina : "Now, will you promise never to leave me till the end of our lives?"
Joe : "Yes, I promise with the name of Allah SWT. Marry me Norlina Datuk Haji Light @ DJ Selina!!!"
Well, I don't have to tell you the rest of the details. We ended up having a romantic dinner at the seaside...wind blowing...relaxed mind & enjoying the delicious food. Joe & I will never forget Langkawi Island!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Various Hair Styles

Let's talk about hair styles & hair colours!
I've always love to change my hair styles every now & then.
Maybe it's just a hobby or maybe I just can't look at the same hair style for a long time.
Thank God my hair can stand the chemicals from the hair colours.
Most friends that I met told me about their bad experiences with hair colours.
I pity them but that doesn't stop me from colouring my hair!

Here are some tips that I practiced to keep my hair healthy & trendy!
(1) Use only good hair colours from trusted brands.
(2) Always steam your hair at least once a week.
(3) Apply vitamins onto your scalps & avoid using too much hair sprays.
(4) Wash your hair everytime you use hair sprays or chemicals.
(5) Talk to your hair! (This may sound crazy but your hair has feeling!)

Now! What do you think of hair colours?
Which hair styles & colours suit me the most?
Any style that you wanna recommend?

My Last Birthday in Malaysia...

As of 0000 hours on 20th April 2009, I'm a year older & a year wiser. I would just like to thank all of my friends who attended my last birthday parties in Malaysia. Yup! I'm migrating to a more challenging country & I'm gonna have a new life with my other half. I wanna have new challenges in life. I wanna meet new people. Explore the world & enjoy life to the fullest!

Honestly, I had a great time celebrating my birthday parties. Thank you for making it a memorable & superb parties for me. 7 days & nights non-stop! Singing & dancing...drinking only orange juice & coke! :D

I'm gonna miss you all! Do keep in touch & treasure our friendships.