Friday, April 30, 2010

I love Sharky Bids!

Today is my 2nd day bidding on
I won 30 free bids today...not much but good enough for a start...
I'm still aiming for better items such as an iPhone 3Gs, Apple iPad, branded watched for men & women, USD150, USD300, Canon DSLR, Sony PS3, Sony PSP & a lot of other cool stuffs.
You do not want to search for other bidding sites coz Sharky Bids is the BEST!
Not only you can register for FREE, you get 1 free bid to start bidding for your favourite items.
Bids packages are so affordable & if you type IWANTWIN, you get extra bonus!
I must admit that it's so painful to see your favourite item being bid by others/ stranger & they win the items but that's where it get interesting coz you do not know when is your turn to win something that you bid on.
There's a Malay saying..."Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia siapa tahu?"
So, start visiting & start bidding.
Good luck to you!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My first date with Sharky!

Hi's almost towards the end of April 2010... time flies...I had a long & tiring week...
As usual, I was browsing the net in searching for a new handphone...
I really need to buy a new handphone as the old one is giving me problems...
No one wants that! Believe me...
As I was choosing the right handphone, I suddenly saw SHARKYBIDS...
without thinking, I click to this site & found
so many good stuffs!
I quickly register myself for free & bought a bids package that gives lots of suprises to me! Follow the instruction given & you will get extra bonus!
In less than 10 minutes, I got myself a gift! 15 free bids!
Never thought that I could win something via online. What a suprise!
Well, I was wishing for an iPhone 3Gs but I won the 15 free bids.
If you don't will not know your luck...
More over, this site is FUN & COOL...
So, give it a try by clicking

By the way, the whole 15 free bids costs RM29.34 & I got it for RM0.31.
Remember, it's not just luck but you need lots of patience to get what you want.
All the best my friends! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Maid saves baby before being hit by bus

Maid saves baby before being hit by bus

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A MAID in Singapore managed to toss her employer’s baby to safety before she was crushed to death by a bus in an accident.

Both Nanyang Siang Pau and Sin Chew Daily reported that 28-year-old Puji, whose nationality was not mentioned, and her employer were crossing the road at a junction when the accident occurred on Sunday evening.

It was reported that a bus which was about to make a turn hit Puji, who was holding the baby girl.

Her employer and another child, who were walking behind them, escaped unhurt.

The dailies reported that Puji managed to toss the baby before she was crushed underneath the bus.

The baby had landed on the road and only sustained minor injuries.

It was also reported that the bus driver was suspended by the bus company pending an investigation.